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L.O Interior Design offers the complete range of interior design services, leading your project with creativity, professionalism and careful attention to detail at every step.

  • Consultation with the client to determine the vision, needs and target market of the project.
  • Site measurement to discern the possibilities of the environment and begin formulating the creative master plan, focusing on elements that will perfect the use of your space - privacy, flexibility, efficiency, future growth and evolution.
  • Comprehensive drawings and 3-D renderings to bring construction details, equipment layout and custom furniture to life.
  • Research and drawings for the coloration, lighting, furniture, accessories and art that best reflect your organization's image, brand and character while maximizing functionality.
  • Presentation of drawings and renderings for client input and budget optimization.
  • Interaction with all professionals critical to the project's success (including architect, engineer, graphic designer) to ensure design feasibility, legal compliance, and the successful synthesis of all elements.
  • Tendering and permit acquisition with landlord, City Hall and contractors.
  • Guidance to client in analysing and selecting quotes from contractors and suppliers.
  • Project supervision to assist contractors in streamlining construction, maintaining exemplary timing and budget standards, and ensuring the successful implementation of all project elements.