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L.O. Interior Design | Management

At L.O. Interior Design | Management Inc., our mission is to create design solutions that unveil the full potential of your space.

L.O. Interior Design | Management is a visionary Vancouver-based firm specializing in the creation of dynamic and innovative commercial spaces. Our passionate artistic intuition and exceptional skills in spatial expression ensure the perfect synthesis of art and function in every project.

Since our founding in 1998, L.O. Interior Design | Management has built a portfolio of highly successful residential and commercial design projects across Canada and in California, and we are committed to exceeding your expectations. We draw upon a broad and eclectic mix of styles to capture and express the character of your home as we turn your dream into reality. Our core design philosophy is to preserve and enhance our client's vision through a collaborative process while ensuring that each space is distinctly personalized and remarkably functional. The result is a home environment that is as welcoming and revitalizing as it is beautiful.

L.O. Interior Design | Management creates home environments that complement your lifestyle, personality and family dynamic, creating a deeply resonant atmosphere in your dwelling.

We help you navigate a world of design options and trends while preserving a central vision that matches your taste, style, culture and budget. We build upon and reinforce our clients' instincts to maximize satisfaction and value, while ensuring a deep personal connection to your home environment. Our design team also provides the in-depth knowledge of products and materials that clients need to fully appreciate their unique selections.

L.O. Interior Design | Management has created design solutions for a diverse clientele. We have shaped environments specialized for wheelchairs, the seeing impaired and elderly clients. We also take special care to involve children in the design of their personal spaces, dramatically impacting their contentment, independence, and concentration on studies and hobbies.

Our team builds long-term relationships with clients and provides solutions that grow with you as your home and family evolve. Our commitment to the client continues long after the core project is complete, as we are happily available to answer the special design questions that can arise at any time. We measure our success by our long list of loyal clients who come to us every time they wish to renew their homes.

At L.O. Interior Design | Management, we are dedicated to continuous learning and are leaders in the progressive use of diverse spatial concepts, styles and cultural influences. We uphold the highest standard of business and artistic integrity, giving busy clients peace of mind that the mood and atmosphere they dream of for their residence will become reality.